“Bhikkhus, I allow you three robes: a double-layer outer robe, a single-thickness upper robe, and a single-thickness lower robe.” - Mahavagga (VIII.13.4-8) In accordance with standards set in Thailand, a candidate for monkhood at Abhayagiri must sew and dye a set of three robes, which will comprise most of his wardrobe until it wears out and must be replaced. This “triple set”consists of the sabong - a lower robe worn daily around the waist; the jiworn - an outer robe covering the whole body; and the sanghati - a double-layered robe folded up and worn over the shoulder during formal occasions. With very little experience sewing or dyeing, novice monk Dhammavaro had six weeks to complete this undertaking before his ordination ceremony in May 2020.